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Helping students and parents thrive and stay safe in a digital world. 

The digital world that our students inhabit can be daunting for teachers and parents. Topics like social media, digital addiction, cyberbullying, and cybersafety can be difficult to understand, but not if you have the right guide.    


As a Common Sense Media Certified Educator and Ambassador, I have years of experience that I've used to help schools, students, their families navigate the digital landscape, and I'm excited about the prospect of sharing what I know with you!   


Available Services

All of the following presentations are based on the latest research and best practices developed by working with schools of all sizes across the country. 

For Students

Presentations, lessons, and activities geared towards students of all ages help them to make better choices with the technologies they use. Topics include, but are not limited to; Cybersafety, Effective Online Communication, Safe Social Media Use, and Cultivating a Strong Digital Footprint.

For Schools

Workshops and coaching support geared towards cultivating your own capacity for teaching digital citizenship. Supporting the use of Common Sense Media materials and unit planning. Topics include but are not limited to; Building Digital Citizenship Units, Planning Your Schools Technology Policies, BYOD in Schools, Social Media Guidelines, and Managing Devices in the Classroom.   

For Parents 

Workshops and panel discussions on a variety of subjects aimed at helping parents learn about the technology their children use everyday. Topics include; Digital Addiction, Creating a Family Tech Plan, Understanding Social Media, and Online Safety. 


Effective Online Communication

A sample workshop designed for Secondary students about the perils of communicating through texts and social media. 


A somewhat slanted look at digital devices and the effect they have on the lives of our teens. Good for starting a conversation among parents and the school community. I've sat in on several post-movie panels as a technology expert. 


Common Sense Media

Non-profit organization dedicated to informing teachers, students, and families about technology and how to use it more effectively. This link is to their Parent Concerns page 


Talking w/ Kids About

Being Online

A FTC handbook for parents that helps explain the important aspects of the online world your child or teen exists in.  


Screen Addiction

Recent article about the status of "digital addiction" and its status in the medical community.  

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