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Is Your Staff Ready For A Year Online? 

Online and Hybrid Learning Professional Development for Upper Elementary and Secondary K-12 Teachers 

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A Model for Remote Instruction Designed Through Experience  

Our simple Eight Elements model was developed by combining research as well as actual, hands-on experience from students, teachers, and the instructional coaches who supported them during the spring of 2020. The model fits seamlessly into most existing instructional and pedagogical approaches. Topics addressed in our workshop include;

  • How to create engaging and rigorous online learning experiences for students.

  • What models for online instruction are the most effective.

  • How to properly leverage free technology tools to maximize impact. 

  • Advice for helping make sure all students are successful.         

Flexible and Customizable Options For Your Teachers and Staff

Nobody knows what this school year will entail or what your time frame is for training. We recognize this and have created several different professional development offerings emphasizing flexibility and adaptability; ​

  • Online Professional Development - our workshop is available online and can be structured to fit into your professional development or pre-year schedule. We also provide access to a pre-recorded version of our workshop for use later on. 

  • One-On-One Coaching - if you have individual or small groups of teachers on your staff who need coaching that is respectful of their experience and focused on their individual needs we've got you covered.  


Professional & Collaborative Workshops... At The Right Price.  

Our goal is to partner with you to help build your internal capacity, not to force you into needlessly-lengthly contracts. We keep overhead as low as possible and work with schools to make the best use of their time and their money because as educators, we understand that there is never enough of either. We never charge for the time we dedicate to developing your school's support plan and have a sliding scale for each individual school. These are just a few of the reasons why we are able to offer professional development well below what all other training organizations charge.  

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All of our trainers are working educational technologists. They are all Google Certified and credentialed educators who have experience teaching and coaching in an online environment.

Click the button below to get information about scheduling a workshop or accessing our online class! 

Our District Partners
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                                                    Endorsement and Testimonials 

"James was very energetic and informative. He was knowledgable and passionate about sharing his knowledge with our group."


Houston, TX

"This was one of the best PD's I have ever attended. It was interactive and gave us many opportunities to brainstorm and collaborate. I appreciated how the entire workshop was structured. James was also very attentive to our questions and supporting us when needed.


White Bear Lake, MN

James was amazing and always kept us engaged and focused.  He made this experience that I wasn't looking forward to a very positive experience.


Los Angeles, CA

James was wonderful.  I have been teaching for several years now, and have been to over a dozen PD's and this one was by far the most engaging and helpful I have ever been to. James changed my perspective on PD and I look forward to keeping in contact with him to improve my understanding and practice creating projects for my class!


Oakland, CA

Fantastic professional training! James was engaging and enthusiastic. One of the few times I have felt excited to  leave a PD to go use what I learned in my room.


Honalulu, HI

I really enjoyed the format and modeling of strategies throughout the workshop. This was great. I think this should be required for more teachers. James, you're great! 


Minneapolis, MN

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James was excellent and informative. One of the most helpful and knowledgable facilitators I've ever experienced in a training.


Los Angeles, CA

I could not have had a better instructor!  James Fester was positive and humorous, a wonderful balance of engaging and entertaining.  He is the best instructor I have ever experienced for professional development.  The fact that he was able to win over this workshop roster is no small feat, this school can be a very difficult sell.  But he did it!  At the end of the workshop, I noticed how much more open the teachers were willing to be, not just with James, but with each other as well as we learned about PBL.  Thank you James!


Honalulu, HI

James was very effective in facilitating the training. He brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the process and made it all appear very manageable.


Louisville, KY

I have attended a number of trainings and this is the first time I actually feel like I learned something of value AND have the tools to implement it. Thanks for keeping us engaged!


San Diego, CA

Fantastic! One of the most productive PD sessions I have had in a long while. He made coming in during our summer break very worthwhile!


Chicago, IL

Excellent job in presenting and making sure that all participants were where we needed to be.  James was also available to provide information that was off-topic but helpful in online learning.  Excellent...I would definitely want to attend another one of his presentations.


Memphis, TN

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