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Selected Published Works

Environmental Science

A Project-Based Approach To Solving the Earth's Most Urgent Problems

My first education book to be published by ISTE! Available on both Amazon and

Curb Cut - PBLWorks

My first animated blog that discusses how to effectively scaffold for all students without overworking yourself! 

Screen Shot 2021-05-11 at 7.43.44 AM.png

History vs. Andrew Jackson

A flipped lesson I developed in cooperation with TEDEd with over 1.3 million views. 


Teacher Guild Design Challenge

This solution to support students as they transition from high school to college was selected as a finalist by the Office of the First Lady and showcased at the White House in 2016. 


Blog Post - Getting Smarter

5 Strategies for Fostering Independence in a PBL Classroom. 


Blog Post - Choice in PBL

4 Strategies To Encourage Smart Student Choice in PBL. 


Blog Post - Roles in PBL

Important considerations when structuring roles for group work in PBL


California Coastal Voices

A great PBL-based curriculum from the California Coastal Commission that I helped consult on. 


The Escape Classroom

Great game-based workshops for promoting collaboration. I helped with the content design on some of them. 


Article from Edutopia focused on how Environmental Science can be taught in non-science classrooms.


Blog post from ISTE about how environmental science is a perfect vehicle for integrating SEL into the sciences.



Reflection on my time in the Teacher-Ranger-Teacher program and how it connects back to the classroom.

HearHere Contributor

My author profile on HearHere, an app focused on telling amazing community stories during roadtrips! 


Blog post written for National Park week focused on how to use parks to support high quality PBL. Includes a photo I took as well.  

National Geographic

A great blog post focused on how summer trips can lead to year-round learning! The picture in the header of the page was also taken by me!  


A blog that delves into the online and remote opportunities for learning provided by National Parks! 

Park Leaders Podcast

My interview about the importance of project-based learning to parks and monuments with Jody Maberry.

Active Learning Center Grant

Publication by Steelcase about the impact flexible furniture had on my 8th-grade classroom. 


KQED in the Classroom

Blog post discussing one of the best digital citizenship lessons that I've ever designed that teaches students about evaluating sources. 

Tech and Learning Magazine

Blog post that discusses how to get started with Google Expeditions and other distance learning software. 

Lesson: Impossible 

Podcast interview with Lesson: Impossible on Park Based Learning and the importance of using natural and historic spaces as learning tools.    

Education Never Dies

Featured as first Teacher of the Week for work on Park Based Learning.

Podcast - Class Tech Tips

Listen to this podcast where I was interviewed by Monica Burns about the connections between Environmental Science, PBL, and Edtech.

Podcast - Teacher Cast Network

Listen to this interview I gave with Jeff Bradbury about what PBL can look like in a remote learning setting. 

Podcast - Multiplicity

My conversation with Multiplicity host Jared O'Leary about parks, PBL, informal learning, and the connections between them all.     

PBLWorks - Blog

Blog discussing what Transformational SEL is and why it is essential to high-quality PBL.  

National Geographic - Amazon

Blog focused on a collection of resources from National Geographic focused on the Amazon river.   

PBLWorks Blog

A special blog written for Father's Day that has suggestions for how leaders can support PBL with some of their most reluctant teachers.   


A blog that discusses how to use Fat Bear Week in the classroom to promote leanring! 

Blog Post - The Trail To Recovery

Blog post published on Getting Smart that focuses on how PBL can be leveraged to help students recover from schooling loss. 

PBL Handbook from PBLWorks

Helpful guide to creating amazing students projects that I contributed to published by PBLWorks! 

National Geographic

Article published by National Geographic on place-based learning in multiple contexts.   

Blog Post - Remote Exploration

My first blog post on Edutopia focused on creating opportunities for exploration even in a remote context. 

PBL in Practice Podcast

Interview about using parks and public lands as learning spaces.

Nat Geo - Exploring Out of COVID

Blog post on National Geographic that focuses on using Nat Geo Framework to recover from pandemic "schooling loss" 


Teacher Channel

Blog post focused on three simple steps to you can take to make PBL a part of your Environmental Science classroom! 

Podcast - BAM  Radio

Discussion with Carl Hooker about the connection between PBL and learning during the pandemic.  

Blog Post - PBL Success Stories

PBLWorks blog that shares the remarkable story of Thomas Edison CTE in Queens, NY.   

Blog Post - ISTE

Tips and suggestions for integrating National Parks into your classroom just in time for National Park Week!   

Help In Homework

Learn how to spark inquiry and curiosity using National Parks in this blog post written for Help in Homework.

Edutopia - Free Choice Learning

How does structuring your classroom like a museum and using free choice learning work for students?

Nat Geo - Bat Week

How can you leverage International Bat Week in your classroom? This blog post gives you ideas and places to start. 


A great example of how PBL can be used to make history class more place-based and more real-world. 

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