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Online Course Materials

Video 1: Introduction  

Focus Question - What needs to be completed before June 15th?

Supplemental Links: 

HQPBL Framework (PDF) 


Complete this section prior to the June 16th/17th design workshop

Video 2: What is PBL?

Focus Question - What are the six elements that need to be incorporated into a project for it to be considered high quality?

Supplemental Links: 

Video 3: Example Review

Focus Question - What elements of HQPBL are the most difficult to integrate into a project?

Supplemental Links:


HQPBL Checklist 

Video 4: Rationale

Focus Question - What do we know about learning that connects to PBL?

Supplemental Links:


PBLWorks Research Page

Lucas Education Research Page

Edutopia PBL Research Page

Online Course Materials


Complete this portion of the course BEFORE the August 25th/26th

Video 1: Introduction

Focus Question - What will I learn from this course? 

Supplemental Links:

TO PRINT - Workbook

BOOK - Setting The Standard for Project Based Learning

BOOK - Early Childhood PBL


Video 2: What and Why

Focus Question - What does HQPBL look like in action?

Supplemental Links:

WATCH - HQPBL Example Project

Need To Know Questions - FORM


Video 3: Align To Standards

Focus Question - How do you begin the project design process?

Supplemental Links:

Project Profile Template

Project Design Pathway

BLOG - Selecting Standards and Skills

BLOG - Planning PBL w/ Standards in Mind

Video 4: Developing an Anchor Question

Focus Question - What question best captures our project's challenge?

Supplemental Links:

BLOG - Example Anchor Questions


Video 5: The Beginning and The End

Focus Question - How can we launch our project in an engaging way?

                             - What final product best demonstrates our learning?

Supplemental Links:

BLOG - Final Product Ideas


Video 6: Assessment Planning 

Focus Question - What are the best methods for measuring student learning throughout the project?

Supplemental Links:

BLOG - 53 Ways To Check For Understanding List

BLOG - How Assessment Works in PBL?

Video 7: Calendaring Out a Project

Focus Question - What sequence of events will result in my final product?

Supplemental Links:

BLOG - Using project walls to support PBL

Video 8: Wrapping Up and Submission

Focus Question - How will my project conclude? 

Supplemental Links:



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