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Twin Cities PBL

An Approach To Project-Based Learning 

That Is Not "Just One More Thing" 

                                                      Other Services 

Presentations and Keynotes

More than a decade of experience as a classroom teacher and educational technology integration coach has given me a wealth of knowledge to share. I am always interested in presenting at your next conference, professional development event, or training seminar on a large variety of technology and education topics. Sessions can be tailored between 45 and 90 minutes to accommodate your schedule and all resources created for the training are shared with participants to ensure they have the tools they need even after the event. 


Presentation Topics Include; Google Apps (all levels), Games in the Classroom, Inquiry-Based Learning, Project-Based Learning, Digital Citizenship, Digital Literacy, Building Capacity for PBL and EdTech.   

Keynotes: Student-Centered Education, The Importance of Stories, Future-Ready Students.

Workshops and Boot Camps

Many people who attend professional developments on a topic they are not familiar with need more than just a general overview of the topic. For people who need more practice or a slower pace of instruction, a workshop can be an ideal way of getting their needs met. These two to three hour intensives will get people from beginner to experience in a single sitting. Workshops are designed for small numbers of people who like plenty of hands-on instruction and facet time with the facilitator. If you have a larger group, you can schedule a bootcamp that will help get the attention they need with a workshop customized to fit their needs. This offer is perfect for in-service days or for getting new team members up to speed with technology and skills. 


BootCamp Topics: Google Apps (Educator Certification), Apple Teacher (iPad and Macbook), Digital Citizenship, 1:1 Devices, Blended Learning, Online Course Creation, Project-Based Learning Basics, Experiential Learning, Digital Fieldtrips, Game-Based Learning


The most effective kinds of staff development takes place in the classroom of the teachers its meant to support. Coaching sessions are designed to take place in the context where the tools and pedagogy are meant to be deployed, ensuring that the expectations are tailored to the participant directly. I offer one on one planning intensives, split days where both observation and planning take place, and remote coaching over Skype, FaceTime, or Google Voice. All coaching services begin with a pre-service call between myself and the participant where we agree on a schedule and goals for the visit, making sure that their own growth goals are kept front and center.  

Curriculum Development

Sometimes you need someone to help you realize your big ideas. As an experienced curriculum designer I can help you by leading you through the design process. This includes setting realistic learning goals, finding engaging entry points, project, calendaring, differentiation, and even deployment. I specialize in project-based learning, history curriculum, and game-based learning and simulations. 

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                                                    Endorsement and Testimonials 

"James was very energetic and informative. He was knowledgable and passionate about sharing his knowledge with our group."


Houston, TX

"This was one of the best PD's I have ever attended. It was interactive and gave us many opportunities to brainstorm and collaborate. I appreciated how the entire workshop was structured. James was also very attentive to our questions and supporting us when needed.


White Bear Lake, MN

James was amazing and always kept us engaged and focused.  He made this experience that I wasn't looking forward to a very positive experience.


Los Angeles, CA

James was wonderful.  I have been teaching for several years now, and have been to over a dozen PD's and this one was by far the most engaging and helpful I have ever been to. James changed my perspective on PD and I look forward to keeping in contact with him to improve my understanding and practice creating projects for my class!


Oakland, CA

Fantastic professional training! James was engaging and enthusiastic. One of the few times I have felt excited to  leave a PD to go use what I learned in my room.


Honalulu, HI

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James was excellent and informative. One of the most helpful and knowledgable facilitators I've ever experienced in a training.


Los Angeles, CA

I could not have had a better instructor!  James Fester was positive and humorous, a wonderful balance of engaging and entertaining.  He is the best instructor I have ever experienced for professional development.  The fact that he was able to win over this workshop roster is no small feat, this school can be a very difficult sell.  But he did it!  At the end of the workshop, I noticed how much more open the teachers were willing to be, not just with James, but with each other as well as we learned about PBL.  Thank you James!


Honalulu, HI

James was very effective in facilitating the training. He brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the process and made it all appear very manageable.


Louisville, KY

I have attended a number of trainings and this is the first time I actually feel like I learned something of value AND have the tools to implement it. Thanks for keeping us engaged!


San Diego, CA

Fantastic! One of the most productive PD sessions I have had in a long while. He made coming in during our summer break very worthwhile!


Chicago, IL

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