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HQ Online Learning - Workshop Companion 

Online and Hybrid Learning Professional Development for Upper Elem and Secondary K-12 Teachers 

Welcome to the HQ-Online Learning Workshop Companion. You have been granted access to these materials to give you an idea of our workshop's contents. These materials just scratch the surface of what is available to teachers and educators who participate in our workshops.  

Please look them over, share them, and if you like what you see reach out to us using the email address below so we can tell you more about our fully-online professional development workshops for teachers.   

Email your questions or comments to

Video Lesson Content​

Section 1: ​Introduction To The Eight Elements

Provides an overview of the course content as well as introducing the Eight Elements of high-quality online learning. 


Additional Resources: 

Distance Learning Evidence Assessment - Summary of 60+ articles on Online Learning

Article - What survey's tell us about how online learning went - Chalkbeat

Article - How Online School Stack Up Against Traditional Schools - Star Tribune

Editable Norms for Live Online Lesson - Click to make your own Google Docs copy

Wheel Decide - Editable spinner to make live lessons more fun and enjoyable

Section 2: ​Best Practices and Lesson Formats

Shows how to integrate the Eight Elements into the structure of your course as well as providing example formats for the design of your online lessons. 

Additional Resources: 

Section 3: ​Tips for Student Success

Ten suggestions for students that will help them be more successful with online learning. 


Additional Resources: 

10 Tips for Student Success - Printable handout for students

Article - 5 Ways to Boost Attendance in Virtual Class Meetings - John Spencer

Article - Fostering a Strong Community in a Virtual Classroom - Edutopia

Section 4: ​CORE Tools for Online Learning

Shares five technology tools that form the CORE of high-quality online instruction and suggestions about how to utilize them. 


Additional Resources:

Zoom Security Settings List - Checklist of suggested security settings for Zoom


Section 5: ​Google Apps and Online Learning

How can Google Apps be best utilized to support online learning? 

Section 6: ​Additional Tools and Apps

What tools and resources can I utilize to help my students create as well as consume in an online environment?


Additional Resources: 

Wide Open School - Large hub of resources hosted by Common Sense Media.

Homeschool Answers - Resource hub with activities, projects, and curriculum.

Digital Math Inspirator - Website with lots of great online tools for math.

Section 7: ​Advanced Pedagogical Approaches

Provides examples and structures for replicating learner-centered learning structures like project-based learning, inquiry-based learning, experiential learning, etc.  


Additional Resources: 

5E's Hyperdoc Example - Example of a 5E's lesson encapsulated in a single Hyperdoc

Choice-Based Assessment Template - Template for a choice-based assessment map.

Article - A Guide to Virtual Field Trips -

Additional Resources​

The following materials are available only through our live online workshop. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about how to schedule one for your team/school/district

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