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The Year in Review

Happy New Year! Like many of you who are we headed back to your classrooms, I have begun to consider goals for the second half of the academic year. In the process I have been going through some of my tweets from the last year to see what I highlighted, and decided to publish this highlights list with some of my favorite articles, tools, and graphics. Enjoy!


eMaze – professional design templates, including presentations, websites, blogs, and more

Safe YouTube – YouTube scrubber

Ransom Note Generator

Word Art from any Picture

Soundtrap - Online Collaborative Soundmaker

Underground Railroad Game

16 Personalities​

Project Ideas and Resources

Create an eBook in Google Slides

Infographic Rubric

Student Expression – On The Spot Reporting

Google Forms Escape Rooms

Articles and Websites

Quiz – Misconceptions about Education

Evolution of the Web

Groupwork 101

Real-Time Cyber Attack Map

Bored out of their minds - Why students get bored with school as they get older

35 Apps to use with Google Classroom

50 Apps to try list


Soft Skill Graphic

Life of a Project Graphic​

PBL - What to assess and when

PBL - Difference between PBL and Projects

Surface-Deep-Transfer Learning

The Learning Pit

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