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The ABC's of PLC's

In preparation for an upcoming in service day I was recently asked to put together a short presentation on how PLC's can collect, analyze, and make action steps based on student data. The workflow I created revolved around the use of a Google Form and turned out to be the less important challenge.

What was more central to my task was something I learned from my Boy Scout days (yes, I was a Boy Scout. I even earned my Eagle so by all means please enjoy yourself) which was to always begin your planning by considering the task and objective. If the objective is to strengthen our PLC model, shouldn't we begin by first coming up with a simple set of best-practices that define it?

To this end, I have come up with the ABC's of PLC's, my uber-simplified reflection too that can allow PLC's to decide if they are being effective, or if they need to shift their model to make it more useful. Enjoy!

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