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Park Based Learning is coming to TIES18!

After almost a year of work, my Park Based Learning project is going to finally get some air time! If you're going to be at TIES 18 in beautiful, wintery Minneapolis this year, then consider signing up our pre-conference workshop on Sunday @ 1:00pm.

Here is our official workshop description;

Experiential learning allows students to explore, question, and share utilizing their environment as the main learning tool. But finding opportunities to do this in the real world can sometimes be challenging because of barriers like money, transportation, and time. That is where Park Based Learning comes into play! In this workshop, we will explore Park Based Learning, an approach to inquiry-focused education which combines aspects of several pedagogical models to create engaging and student-centered learning experiences. Students of all ages can benefit from this approach which is rooted in the Buck Institute for Education's HQPBL model, National Geographic Geo-Inquiry model, and tech-infused resources from the National Park Service. You will learn all about where to find these resources, how to align them to your content and learning goals, and how to facilitate student-centered learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom! Participants will leave with a great exploration-focused lesson and a large list of FREE resources for building their own completed Park Based unit of study.

Participants will come away with the basics of PBL and Geo-Inquiry as well as a ton of free resources from all over the web!

Registration should open this week here --->

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